Teal Handmade Table Lamp Vase With Drum Shade

Teal Handmade Table Lamp Vase With Drum Shade

I came across this magnificent teal handmade table lamp vase with drum shade the other day while surfing amazon.

I have a special love for all the shade of blue and green, therefore; I couldn’t resist this colorful lamp that seems to fit anywhere.

The contrast tan linen drum against vase makes it stand out like a work of art that it is in reality.

It is just the perfect lighting product for all the rooms of the house, in special the living room.

If you had been desiring to make some lighting change without the high price tag, this is the best occasion.

This versatile, lovely, timeless, classic lamp would not only provide the light you are after but also decorate with taste the area is where it is kept.

What I like most about this table lamp is the quality ceramic vase which contrasts so well with the tan shade and at the same tends to blend so perfectly anywhere.

I must insist that I love that combination of colors, that another heavy factor of my choice.

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