How to Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious On a Budget

You are about to learn how to make your living room look luxurious on a budget and few more things that will amaze friends and family alike.

We will show you how to choose a few accessories here and there, put them together to embellish your salon.

This information is useful to anyone who wants to make a few makeovers now and then to their home to enhance its coziness and beauty.

Here are the tips that will help you decorate your living room like posh people do without having to break your bank account.

Supplies Needed

Bennett Foam Crown Molding Room Kit

Luxury Retro Vintage Rustic Hanging Pendant Ceiling Light

Throw Pillows

Fresh Flowers & Plants

Upgrading Hardware Finishes in the Home

Step by Step Instructions

One: Crown molding

If you don’t want the space above your head to look average, embellish them with crown molding.

This simple upgrade of the corners of the room will give it expressiveness and for more impact go for the wider trim.

Remember the wider the trim more elegant and expensive the room will look.

Two: Throw Pillows

But not just any throw pillows, right now animal print throw pillows are in vogue and they do give a great contrast to any space and the overall decoration.

Those pillows are exciting and dynamic; they can dramatically change the aspect of any room by mixing them up with a few solid color pillows.

It is important to use contrasting color for the decoration of the sofas and chairs.

Pillows are great accessories for your lounge, chairs and love seats.

The best idea behind this technique is to use two pairs of different patterns, colors and textures.

Another important point is to go for 22 inch pillow covers and stuff them with 24 inch down blend insert.

Bigger pillows have more visual impact.

Three: Lighting

The style of lighting should not be overlooked.

Make sure you change everything that is of normal use in any house or room and go for something a more modern or designer look instead.

You can find these items by scouring amazon with search words such as: modern lighting for living room.

You would be surprised at the great amount of design and really good prices tags they exhibit.

Four: Luxury like Plants and Fresh Flowers

Nature has the ability to intensify the look of any space where it is present.

We all know that not everybody has the time or knack to care for flowers or plants, but with a bit research; you will find that some of them have little maintenance.

You can also opt out for fake flowers or plants nevertheless review them at least every five years and update them.

As you had seen from the above elements, the project has very little difficulty except for fixing the molding crown, but that again can be easily resolved.

Well if you are not good at home craft, ask a friend who is to help or find help through a freelancer.

And the same person can help with fixing the modern or designer lighting of your choice.

Apart from that you only have to use your imagination to create whatever you want.

The makeover is really worth it when once done and your friends and family would start congratulating you for such a great decoration.

Who does not like to live in an elegant home, I think we all do; so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

You know what; it is also very fun to go through all the process.

Go for the changes and thank me later.

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