Art Deco Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Art deco floor lamps: what is “art deco” definition?

The dictionary say the following: the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colors and used most notably in household objects and in architecture.

Now we are all at the same level of understanding as far as art deco floor lamps are concerned.

You will also later understand the reasons of my choices of lamps for this article.

I am passionate about house decoration, especially my own home, so I always believe that we are all that way.

The reason is very simple, who doesn’t want a well-furnished beautiful and practical house to live in?

Art deco floor lamps
Art deco floor lamps

Art Deco Floor Lamps

Art deco floor lamps come in handy when you want to enhance the decoration of your living room and give it your special touch.

All living creatures are attracted to light and cannot live without it, so light in itself is a great expression of beauty.

Having different types of floor lamps in a living room give it real category and also show out your good taste.

Let us clarify a little, OK.

Not any type of lamp will suit all living rooms, it depend largely on your type of interior design style and personality.

Today the lamps we are going to propose will suit perfectly the modern, contemporary or minimalist and even the industrial interior design style.

Bear with me a little while we make a little digression here.

It is of vital importance when you want to buy a lamp online, to read all the information pertaining to that particular lamp.

There are floor lamps with many different types of wattages which should be known beforehand.

Also one should already know the usage which is going to be given it to decide the best use of the lightning chosen and purpose.

For example, you cannot expect 10 watt light bulb to shine brightly as a 60 or even a 120 watt light bulb.

That being said let us continue; shall we?

Decorative Floor Lamp
Decorative Floor Lamp

Our Decorative Floor Lamps Choices

We will cover the following lamps:

*Unique Contemporary Standing Light for Living Room

*The Cool Tall Decorative Floor Stand Lights

*Home 32241ORB Callahan Floor Lamp

Most of these lamps would bring a distinctive touch and class to your living room and some would even suit perfectly a bedroom.

Our focus nevertheless is the living room where we spend most time with our loves ones in general, parents or friends; those we love to have around.

They all have high rating reviews of five stars and beyond, everyone who comes in touch with them cannot help but appreciate them.

Decorative Floor Lamp
Creative Floor Lamp

The Lamps:

1:- Unique Contemporary Standing Light for Living Room

This incredible masterpiece of artistic creation is so enchanting that once you see it illuminating your particular corner of the house, you will definitively fall in love with it like we had all done.

I call it the romantic corner floor lamp because it gives out a warm white light which is cozy.

It reminds me of the lotus flower but close above and very attractive.

The light is dimmable too which makes it very convenient for lovers.

The material of shade is wood, with white color artistically craft out and the light direction is upward.

Personally I love indirect light because the ambiance it produces that is the secret of the particular lamp.

It is meant for contemporary décor but as I said above it is matter of knowing how to combine it with the rest of decoration.

This Artichoke LED Floor Lamp has a stunning sculptural design that will upgrade any space in a unique manner as never before.

Tall Floor Lamp
Tall Floor Lamp

The features will enlighten the day of most geeky people:

-Fits easily next to a side table, bed, desk, or couch,

-20,000 hour life led bulb is included

-Alexa & Google Home compatible warm reading light for home or office

-Satisfaction guaranteed warranty

-weighs only 12.5 pounds, and reaches just over five and a half feet tall.

-convenient to use on/off pedal switch

-It’s 2,700K warm white light is pleasant, and because it’s LED.

Floor Lamp Video

2:- The Cool Tall Decorative Floor Stand Lights

You are in for a treat, get prepared because this one lamp like all the ones we are going to review here have mind blowing very high 5 stars reviews.

If you are after something unique and fun for any corner of your house, here it is.

The adjustable corner floor Lamp with shade is by “Sweet Life Home and Me” company is creating some really timeless lamps for the homes.

This particular one has the shape of a man and is plain fun lighting.

It comes with an adjustable lamp body design, giving you the ability to adjust the angle and height as you like.

Since the lamp is a funky creative masterpiece, it has it has two wooden swing arm.

The main idea behind this system is to facilitate to DIY minded people the materials to build some fantastic home structures.

You will have to assemble the lamp yourself but it is delivered with absolute everything needed and very easy to put together.

Personally I would buy this lamp to have something that my friends cannot stop talking about every time they come home.

It has a sleek design and very well polished Plywood dark brown color.

Man Shaped Floor Lamp
Man Shaped Floor Lamp

-Its features are the following:

-The lamp body is made of plywood, firm and chemical-free.

-Material of the lampshade is fabric cloth, classical and elegant.

-Easy to use and store: a special design, it can be stored in a small space.

-Features: AC 110-220V, E26 screw socket easy to install, 1.6 m cord with button switch.

-Suitable for living room, bedroom, office and so on.

-Even though they say that it is not ship with the Led light bulb, actually it is always included in the packing.

-You may also receive some thin gloves to avoid staining the material.

Check out full information of the lamp here on Amazon.

Callahan Floor Lamp
Callahan Floor Lamp

3:- Home 32241ORB Callahan Floor Lamp

As you have seen so far we only review the very best and very highly rated products for you and shopping time.

The Callaham floor lamp is another fabulous choice in our series of Art deco floor lamps.

It has been build inspired by nature.

This torchiere floor lamp springs to life with courtesy of a climbing vine details and true-to-life bronze finish stamped leaves.

It has 72 inch height and is a skillfully craft decorative lamp which will give rustic flare of nature within your living room.

The exceptional Ashlen torchiere floor lamp can be tucked anywhere as a replacement behind a sofa or reading table.

The 4-way switch allows for independent operation of each light or both on simultaneously; the 14 inch diameter scavo glass shade provides a warm and calming light, while the bonus reading light provides excellent illumination for curling up with a good book in a comfy chair.

Nature Inspired Floor Lamp
Nature Inspired Floor Lamp

It uses one 150-watt, one 60-watt bulb and a four-way socket switch.

Do not fret all our come with a warranty and this one has 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Remember only quality products are so highly covered.

I could go on all day talking about Art deco floor lamps and will not get tired.

But I don’t want to bore you with my excessive enthusiasm but help you make a pondered decision to buy one or all these marvelous finds for your home.

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Thank you.

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