Brown PVC Family Tree Photo Frame Gallery Collage Review

Family Tree Photo Frame Review

Once in a while you come across a product that fit or suit almost everybody as far as a home wall decoration is concerned and you cannot help but share your finding.

This family tree photo frame review is one of those pieces of art work that warn up the heart of who comes across it.

Even though it has been built in plastic it does play the great trick of looking like made of metal or even wood.

Or even looking like something more sophisticated artistically talking that is.

The brown PVC family tree photo frame gallery collage from Jerry & Maggie could exactly be the one you were looking for.

The thing about this particular photo frame design is that it can go well with almost all types of houses interior designs from the mid-century modern to the modern-contemporary décor style.

Family tree photo frame

A Beautiful Family Tree Photo Frame for Your Wall Decoration

What are the features of this singular product?

GALLERY DESIGN – Total 8 photo frames, which includes: (1) Family Plaque – Holds 2 ( size – 4″ x 6″ ) Photos / Pictures (3) Leaves Plaque (1) Trunk Plaque photo or pictures display | Comes with easy to install hanging hardware | Beautiful life tree display design for all the pieces

PREMIUM MATERIAL – frame made by PVC material | high Tensile strength and Bending strength | smooth and fine surface and clear glass

LIGHTWEIGHT – Not easy to fall off with Wall Mounting Design | High holding powers to make pictures and photos steady on the wall

ELEGANT LOOKING – Stylish Design – pack your series of good time – DIY design – Collage style photo frames 3D Display on the wall | Never let your memory faded away & hold your family connection tight

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – Displayed Gallery Collection – 42″ x 30″ | consists of 6 parts | fits for photos size from 4″ x 4″ to 10″ x 12″

What would be the advantages of buying this gallery memory wall portrait set?

Well, I wouldn’t personally buy this one because I am more inclined in using square or rectangular Picture frames for my home decoration than tree like frame.

Nevertheless I couldn’t help noticing the great amount of people who had bought this particular wall decoration combination for their family photographs.

I set out to understand why and what I discover is that it looks like a family genealogy tree.

What more, the idea of a tree shape frame, photo frame is kind of a truly great idea.

This is the undeniable attraction of nature.

The majority of the people whom had bought the product are really fan about the facts that:

* It looks like wood, but much lighter and came with the Template for hanging.

* You can use adhesive tape to hang the set (for those who don’t like using nails)

* It is lightweight so it will hardly fall off the wall.

* As a family tree photo frame, it looks great as a piece of art for displaying family pictures.

* It has super cute design and goes great with all types of wall.

* The bronze coloring of the letterings and leaves produce a nice contrast against the wall.

* A nice way to display multiple photos, family or not.

* It comes with a wide range of shapes.

* This picture frame displays a more rustic look (faux wood), better than just a traditional black or grey.

Family tree photo frame

People who would buy this product are between 30 to 50 years old who want to decorate their home or house with pictures of the various member of the family.

Even newly married couple could appreciate the design to display their wedding photographs in their room or even in the living room.

Family Tree Photo Frame Set

Can we talk about the pros of an article without mentioning the cons?

I don’t think so, since we are as of today 8 billion people living on this planet; it is impossible to satisfy such amount of beautiful living souls.

Thanks God that is so too, otherwise this would be boring.

Many buyers have found that were the fantastic product lacks is simply in the quality control of those who ship it.

Therefore it can end up reaching you, the end buyer broken, scratched, dented or banged up.

Well I thought to myself if that was the case I would send it back until I get what I want.

Because everybody agrees on one point that the overall product is such a uniquely wonderful idea.

Frankly the family tree photo frame or picture frames bring stylish solutions to any space.

The choice is yours; you had been given the necessary information to make a pondered decision.

We appreciate your visit; please share the information with friends and family or comment below.

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