Popular Wall Mount Corner Shelve Review

Not all wall mount corner shelve are created equal.

Because let face it if you go out to buy something that cost less than twenty bucks, you cannot expect it to do a lot more than what it was intended for in the first place.

This review is about the 5 Tier wall mount corner shelves by Greenco called Espresso sold on amazon.

These shelves have had a lot of five star rating out of the box because of the price and also because of the purpose or utility it can give.

Frankly it is neat simple and beautifully finished.

It does serve magnificently the object of its creation which is to display a few lightweight stuffs such as: photographs, clock, a pot or two of flower no more no less.

The design of this corner shelf would appeal to everybody and would suit most type of living room or house decoration denominations.

Before we go any further it is well to know the features of this decorative corner shelf.

Wall Mount Corner Shelve

Popular Wall Mount Corner Shelve Review

Wall Mount Corner Shelve Features

* 5 tier wall mount corner shelves made of durable MDF laminate.

* Beautiful espresso finish that suits almost any decor.

* Easy to mount with all necessary hardware Included.

* Decorative and functional for your home, office, or dorm room.

* Dimensions in inches: 7.75″ L x 7.75″ W x 48.5″ H.

Wall Mount Corner Shelve In Depth

As we can see by the features this corner shelf is in the category of disposable functional furniture.

As far as we understand this type of shelves have to be built first on the ground or a table and then fix on to the wall.

It is not advisable to try to fix it directly to wall unless it had previously been assembled.

All one may need mostly would be a screw driver and maybe depending on your expertise some new screws that are 1/4-1/2′ longer so they have more bite.

Don’t use wood glue to attempt to make it more secure, it will not stick on veneer.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little splash of decoration in their home.

It’s very cheap, it looks pretty nice, and will probably last for years as long as you don’t put anything really heavy on it or abuse it.

The Grenco wall mount corner shelve will go well in any department, it could be a living room corner, a home office, a bathroom or even a bedroom.

The choice is yours, it will depend on your real need.

Wall Mount Corner Shelve

What would we say are the pros of this interior design wall mount corner shelve?

  • It is very affordable and very easy to mount, anyone can do it.
  • It is very easy and does what it was created for.
  • Excellent looking shelf
  • Works great for small knick knacks and similar items
  • Sturdy with a light load
  • Easy to assemble and mount
  • Ability to size down if necessary
  • Shipping is fast

The Cons would be the following:

-It could use an additional sheetrock anchor or two…

-The sheetrock anchors need to be more robust…

-They are not meant for heavy stuffs

Our conclusion would be therefore if you are in need of wall mount corner shelve that could store a few important household items such as alarm clock for example, watches, keys, mobile phones and the like.

The design of the shelves is well finished and fit most décor types.

This same company does advertise other models with more or less with the same characteristics a little more sturdy than the above.

Let’s name a few:

-Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

-Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Shelves

-Set of 2 Decorative S Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

All by the same company and also sold on amazon.

Check out the prices here on Amazon

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